MCX360 – Over a Million Copies Sold, and Counting

That’s right, Mojang and 4J Studios’ Xbox 360 edition of indie hit Minecraft has already sold more than one million units worldwide on XBLA since its release on Wednesday, May 9th! MCX360 sells for 1600 MS Points, or $20; in short, the title generated more than $20 million in less than a week. Notch tweeted the day afterwards that the game had become profitable (saw more money gained in sales than spent in creating it) within the first full day of sales.

Microsoft Studios, while initially non-specific about the sales numbers after launch day, confirmed that MCX360 broke all previous sales records on Live Arcade, beating out the previous fastest-selling game on the platform, Trials Evolution, which sold over 100,000 copies in a day, by over four times the numbers.

YouTube film team PrettyAwesomeStudio has cooked up a new series for your enjoyment, and it already shows a ton of promise! What is it about? In short, a rich uncle has given his massive, opulent mansion to his nephew. The problem is, there are two nephews, and he didn’t say which one was getting it! This is the first episode in the series, and shows incredible promise with a solid storyline, clever humor and high quality production – take a look!


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