5 Million Sales, 22.5 Million users later…

Minecraft, as of late, has hit yet another major milestone: 5 Million sales! That’s right, folks. Minecraft, from what started out a simple Java project now has consumed 5 million (we hope, happy) customers or more affectionally known as ‘Minecrafters’. They’re also nearing 22.5 million users. But, that’s the beauty of Minecraft. It’s premise was simple. You build, share, and connect with friends.

Who knew that almost three years later, Minecraft would later chalk up to a dozen-or-so man team, a successful convention, offers to Notch from big-name companies, shattering other records, and beat other AAA games in terms of sales? No one. Except maybe Notch. Confidence is key, right?

Now with Mojang rolling in the money, they’ve been making even more headlines. For example, they’ve recently released a line of LEGO Minecraft builds. That’s right. You can’t get any more meta than that. To top it off, they have also been creating a game live and proceed to donate the money called Mojam! They’ve raised $352,000 so far and it’s not even done yet! The game, moreover, is a steampunk Egyptian themed RTS. How original is that? Very. The top 10 donators will get to join the whole Mojang team on a server to frolic, build, and chat. What a treat!

So with all of this being said, it’s no wonder what Mojang will do in the coming 2012. With MineCon 2011 out of the way, Minecraft still has ways to go to become one of the most content-filled, award-winning, block-punching, sandbox games ever.


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