Interview with the newest member of Mojang – Marc_IRL

Hello, My Name is Sam Wilson or TheRussianPigeon

Today I got to interview a man with the name Marc! He Works at Mojang and he started the Minecraft Marathon!

His Twitter Can Be Found Here!

Sam Wilson: Okay! Firstly, Explain who you are to those who do not know.
Marc Watson: I am Marc Watson, and I am the new Customer Support Manager at Mojang.
Sam Wilson: How did you get the job at Mojang?
Marc Watson: I’ve volunteered at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) the last five shows, mostly in the expo hall. When I heard that Mojang was coming to PAX Prime 2011, I requested to be their Exhibitor Assistant, as each booth gets an Enforcer (volunteer) to make sure things go smoothly.

I did a few days of work for them there, then a month or so later, was asked to be the Volunteer Coordinator at Minecon. That went well too, and after slyly suggesting a few times that they needed a new customer service guy, was offered a job in January.
Sam Wilson: That’s Awesome! So you are the guy behind Minecraft Marathon?

Marc Watson: Yes, the marathon was something I thought up, probably around September or so. My friend Beker joined me, and together, we planned out the majority of the event ourselves.
Sam Wilson: Do you enjoy playing the game yourself?
Marc Watson: Yes, I’m a big Minecraft player. I think I started December 2010.
Sam Wilson: Survival or Creative?
Marc Watson: Survival all the way. Minecraft appeals to different people in different ways. I have a short attention span for creative projects, but probably because of my love of RPGs and adventure games, I can play survival pretty much forever.
Sam Wilson: Awesome! Do you play with or without mods?
Marc Watson: I usually play without mods or texture packs, mostly because I don’t like the extra work of having to load things, move files around, and potentially break things. The only real exception to that is the Nations at War pack, which lets you use the N@W server and gametype. I play on that from time to time.

I’m really looking forward to the modding API stuff later this year, so that adding mods and applying texture packs are just point and click.
Sam Wilson: If you could remove one thing from the game, what would it be?
Marc Watson: Haha, I hope I don’t offend anyone at the company, but I’m not a huge fan of The End. I think it has so much more potential to be awesome, but that potential hasn’t been reached yet.
Sam Wilson: If you could ADD one thing from the game, what would it be?
Marc Watson: That’s a tough one. I’ve been playing the game a long time, and just like a lot of the players, I’ve had my “If Notch could just see my super cool idea…” moments.

I guess I’ll pick just one idea, and say I’d like to see a volcano biome. Three possible varieties: dormant (basically a mountain), active (lava and ash), and depleted (top blown off, and all of the lava tubes underneath are now hollow tunnels).
Sam Wilson: Good idea! Single-Player or Multi-Player?
Marc Watson: I played most of my first year in single player, but now that I’ve gone multiplayer, it’s hard to go back. I want someone to see my creations, and I want someone to adventure with. I don’t even need a big server, just two or three friends to play together with.
Sam Wilson: What other games do you play?
Marc Watson: I play a LOT of other games. My gamerscore on Xbox Live is about 35,000, and I don’t really even try for achievements.

Games that I’m currently playing include: Minecraft, Cobalt, Skyrim, The Binding of Isaac, Aquaria, Infinity Blade 2, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Lego Star Wars 3, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, DJ Hero 2, and Halo Anniversary. Wow, that’s a depressing amount of games I haven’t finished.
Sam Wilson: Awesome! Can you code, as in java / Minecraft modding?
Marc Watson: I’ve never done any Minecraft modding before. I did recently take two Java programming classes, though. I was going back to school to be a programmer and work at a game company. Although, now that I work at a game company, college plans are on hold for the moment.
Sam Wilson: Finally, Although it’s a little bit off-topic, What is your favourite film?
Marc Watson: It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one, but I’ll say… Collateral, with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.
Sam Wilson: Awesome!
Sam Wilson: Thank You!
Marc Watson: No problem!

–End Interview–


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