The Twilight Forest Mod (v1.3)

Dimension mods have been very common ever since The Aether mod came out, and modders have been making all kinds of unique dimensions for you to enjoy. Perhaps the best one is the Twilight Forest dimension by Benimatic. This mod adds the Twilight Forest dimension with a unique portal, an awesome new landscape to explore, randomly generated structures and much more. Let’s dig in and find out what it’s all about.

A Tree

To access the Twilight Forest dimension, you need to make a 2*2 pool of water and surround it with flowers and/or mushrooms and then toss a diamond in there. It will create a portal which you jump into to get into the new dimension.

The Twilight Forest dimension features a flat landscape with 7 biomes made specifically for it. There are no caves, since the default ground level is low to accommodate giant trees (some of which are hollow and have ladders) that make the majority of the Forest’s landscape. While forests with high, giant trees are the majority, the Twilight Forest isn’t just a forest. Among the biomes are a special swamp, with shorter trees that have roots and lots of ponds. There are giant lakes with small islands that have a tree on them, and there are the glaciers, which are giant areas made entirely of ice, which are also taller than the regular terrain.


To help the atmosphere, the time in the forest is always twilight, as the name suggests, the horizon has a slight green tint, and there are fireflies and other bugs that light up the landscape a bit to make it look better, but still leave some parts in the darkness. Since there are no caves, the creator of the mod, Benimatic, had to think of another way to reward the player with ores. That’s how the Hollow Hills came to be. These hills are large and unnaturally even, so you can spot them right away. Their innards are filled with mob spawners and a huge amount of ores. While it’s hard to conquer these Hollow Hills, the reward is worth it, perhaps it is even too much of a reward for just some monster slaying, which unbalances the game a bit.

Hollow Hill

To fill the landscape even better, there are randomly generated structures. First off we have ruins of old houses. They are made of mossy cobble and regular cobble stone walls with wooden planks for floors. They are fairly common, and sometimes feature a chest with the standard goodies inside like apples and wheat. Then we have the non-ruined houses, which always include a mob spawner that spawns Skeletal Mages. They will shoot you with spells (as of now there is no animation for the spell, but it is planned for the next update).They also sometimes feature a chest. There are also wells and other trivial buildings that mimic those found in villages in regular Minecraft to give you the feeling there were villages here before.

A house with it's guardian mage

There are also hedge mazes, which have anti-cheating measures in a very clever way. The new hedge blocks hurt the player when he is standing on top of them or tries to punch them, so that he cannot easily escape the labyrinth. They will not hurt you if you brush up by their sides so that it doesn’t punish regular players just finding their way through the maze. In the mazes there are small gaps in which there is a chest and/or a mob spawner that spawns little spiders and some lit up pumpkins.

A maze

The mazes are very hard to navigate through but the rewards are good, so you will constantly be encouraged to raid these mazes. Finally there is the naga courtyard where the Naga, the first boss in the game (more will be added in the coming updates) dwells. This boss is very hard to beat, and should not be attempted without full diamond gear (which is easy to mine with all the Hollow Hills).

You will come by lots of new mobs in the Forest, including a bit more special versions of the passive mobs (stags, boars etc.) miners in the hollow hills, spiders in the mazes and the Naga boss (soon to be accompanied by a Hydra and a Minotaur).


I love the Twilight Forest. It’s a great mod, with an amazing landscape, no bugs, and truly wonderful mechanics. It creates it’s own fantasy world without invading your regular Minecraft experience. I enjoyed every second in the Twilight Forest, but I feel like something is still missing. Perhaps a new ore with which you can create a new set of weapons and armor? The Twilight Forest mod belongs in your mod collection, and it isn’t hard to implement since it doesn’t overwrite any core classes and only requires ModLoader.


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