Notch Turns 33 Years Old

Anyone who logged into Minecraft today undoubtedly saw a message that even the man who programmed it had forgotten about – today is Markus “Notch” Persson’s 33rd birthday! While he’s celebrating with a night on the town, a number of people have their own celebration plans in store. Plans like…

Notch Drawing Contest!
Posted Image

Samcube is hosting his own Notch-themed drawing contest, and you are invited to participate! How does it work? It’s easy!

  • Using paper, computer or Minecraft itself you have to make a portrait on Notch. Be creative! Recreate the God of Minecraft in your best style!
  • Upload the piece of art or screenshot into one of the free image hoster you want, such as imgur.
  • Write a comment below and paste a link to you amazing-epic image
  • Make a Tweet using the hash #FreeAvatarContest2.

Winners will be picked, and prizes will be given! Winning artists will have a Minecraft character of their choice drawn for them by Samcube himself – both a physical print and a layered .tif file (for the win)! You can click the banner above for details, or this link – check it out!


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