Bastion Server (MMORPG Roleplay)

Hello, welcome to Bastion! We are a new server but growing quickly and will soon be equipped with an arena which will hold various events. We hope to create a mature server for people of all backgrounds to come a play.


Server IP:



Admins: King, Queen, Duke.

Moderators: Captains, Knight.

Members: Peasant, Resident, Guard.

Special (Donators): Customizable


[1] No cheating, hacking or glitching

[2] No clients that give you an unfair advantage

[3] No griefing – If its not yours, leave it alone.

[4] No killing other players animals

[5] No racism, hate speach or flaming

[6] No pointless arguing with Admins or Moderators

[7] Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse

[8] You are responsible for your own account

[9] Act Mature – idiots will not be tolerated






Previous Bans (explain):

How long have you been playing:

Why you want to join:


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