The Weekly Chunk – Deadmau5 Edition

This week I wanted to give you a run down of some fun Mojang things that happened this weekend. First of all on Friday, Notch had a great birthday party at a fun Stockholm club. The Mojanstas had a great night of celebrating an amazing guy!

Party (1)

Talk about an ice sculpture…


Saturday night it was time for the deadmau5 concert in Stockholm. deadmau5 is a big Minecraft fan and even was kind enough to have all of the Mojangstas back stage before the event.


Jens wore a creeper deadmau5 head the entire show. Even though it was rainy and really cold, it was absolutely awesome.

Multiple times in the show, deadmau5 had Minecraft graphics up on the screens. He had both grass blocks and a segment with a bunch of pigs in minecarts.


The Weekly Chunk videos won’t be weekly until I head back to the office, but every Wednesday there will be a post on here.

This week’s challenge is pretty easy… Play Minecraft. Next week the first community member will be interviewed on here (and they will be giving you a challenge).


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