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Diamond Block – Not Just a Block Anymore

Diamond Block Server

Behold, the humble diamond block. What secrets does it hold? For most of us, merely a diamond piece. This particular block is special, however – it is a fully functioning computer! A computer that runs Minecraft servers, to be precise. Redditor plastiqmanb cooked up this amazing tower:

plastiqmanb said:

I designed a custom server in an 8×8″ cube with an Intel Core i5 2500K proc, 8gb of 1333mhz ram, ASUS P8H61-I mobo, with a FPS 270W power supply, and storage via my trusty WD Raptor 150Gb 10k SATA drive. Total build was around 500.00. Not including my time (worked on it over the winter but finally got to the vinyl today).

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Minecraft News – Minecon 2012 Hints & Xbox Updates!



This week, David and Toby talk about the recent MCX360 update, some teasers revealed about Minecon 2012, and more – check it out!

Bastion Server (MMORPG Roleplay)

Hello, welcome to Bastion! We are a new server but growing quickly and will soon be equipped with an arena which will hold various events. We hope to create a mature server for people of all backgrounds to come a play.


Server IP:



Admins: King, Queen, Duke.

Moderators: Captains, Knight.

Members: Peasant, Resident, Guard.

Special (Donators): Customizable


[1] No cheating, hacking or glitching

[2] No clients that give you an unfair advantage

[3] No griefing – If its not yours, leave it alone.

[4] No killing other players animals

[5] No racism, hate speach or flaming

[6] No pointless arguing with Admins or Moderators

[7] Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse

[8] You are responsible for your own account

[9] Act Mature – idiots will not be tolerated






Previous Bans (explain):

How long have you been playing:

Why you want to join:


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