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Minecraft News – Minecon 2012 Hints & Xbox Updates!



This week, David and Toby talk about the recent MCX360 update, some teasers revealed about Minecon 2012, and more – check it out!


Snapshot 12w24a Available for Testing!

This has been a busy week! Mojang has moved to their new office; it looks great but is still far from finished. They still squeezed in some work on Minecraft, so here’s the new snapshot:


  • You can now use “/publish” to open your single-player game for LAN friends to join. This is still very much work in progress, so it lacks some necessary settings such as what game mode your friends will get, and if they should be able to use cheats or not. Also, the “/publish” command is temporary, you can’t even access it if you haven’t enabled cheats =)
  • The Ender Chest has been changed to have an inventory per player and not per world. Also, knocking down the chest will break it into 8 obsidian, unless you have Silk Touch.
  • The texture pack folder button now works on Mac


  • Fixed bug when Minecraft doesn’t save your progress, stops generating chunks and freezes all the mobs.
  • Fixed the Enderdragon not dealing any damage to the player after it has been hit once
  • Fixed explosions not pushing back players
  • Fixed buckets not picking up or placing water within the spawn protection

Get the snapshot here:

Client: Download

Server: Download

Bastion Server (MMORPG Roleplay)

Hello, welcome to Bastion! We are a new server but growing quickly and will soon be equipped with an arena which will hold various events. We hope to create a mature server for people of all backgrounds to come a play.


Server IP:



Admins: King, Queen, Duke.

Moderators: Captains, Knight.

Members: Peasant, Resident, Guard.

Special (Donators): Customizable


[1] No cheating, hacking or glitching

[2] No clients that give you an unfair advantage

[3] No griefing – If its not yours, leave it alone.

[4] No killing other players animals

[5] No racism, hate speach or flaming

[6] No pointless arguing with Admins or Moderators

[7] Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse

[8] You are responsible for your own account

[9] Act Mature – idiots will not be tolerated






Previous Bans (explain):

How long have you been playing:

Why you want to join:


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image



Weekly News!

This week, David & Toby give an in-depth look to this week’s Snapshot, which is chock full of goodies! Elaborate world-generated structures, new redstone devices and more await – take a look!

Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!

This week’s Snapshot has a massive number of features! In addition to trading updates, enchantment improvements and SSP/SMP merging improvements, Adventure Map makers will be thrilled to know that there is a new game mode – “Adventure Mode” – to be tested! This mode prevents players from breaking blocks, while still allowing interactions like button/lever use, trading with villagers, and so on. The full feature list is below!

Client Download: Download

Server Download: Download

New/Improved Features:

  • Trading with villagers has been updated
  • Villagers can now trade 2 items with you (e.g. 1 emerald 10 gravel -> 10 flint)
  • Enchantment system has been re-balanced
  • A full enchantment table set with bookshelves doesn’t go up to 50, but 30
  • At the bottom of the 3 enchantments it always shows you the highest number possible
  • Using level 30 you have a lot more luck; almost all items get at least 2 enchantments
  • Emerald Ore can be found underground again (only in Extreme Mountain Biomes still)
  • Added Tripwire Hooks
  • Added potions to the creative inventory; found under brewing
  • Added Block of Emerald
  • Added delete item, armor and crafting to survival inventory when in creative
  • Pausing should work in single-player now
  • Some minor terrain changes
  • Added an “adventure” game mode (/gamemode 2)
    – You cannot break or place any blocks
    – You can interact with any blocks like doors and levers and you can buy things from villagers
  • Added cobblestone and stonebrick monster eggs to the creative inventory

Bug Fixes:

  • In the redstone tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch is now on instead of being off
  • In the decoration tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch got removed

New Bugs:

  • You can place wire from the tripwire in the air and once updated it will drop string
  • You can’t hear TNT when you are out of an 16 block range.

Jeb Said:

The snapshots can potentially destroy your save games, even though we try our best not to do that. Only use them if you know what you are doing. To “install” a snapshot, you download the JAR file and replace the one located in your “application data” folder. The easiest way to find that folder is to start the game, select “texture packs” and click on the “open texture pack folder” button. It will locate “.minecraft/texturepacks”, and the JAR file should be placed in “.minecraft/bin”.

To UNINSTALL the snapshot, start the launcher (Minecraft.exe on Windows) and click the “options” button. Then click on “force update” and login as usual. The launcher will then download the official JAR file for you. Note that save games created in the snapshot may not work (and probably doesn’t) in the official version of the game.


Second Snapshot of the Week Released

Yesterday saw the release of the 12w21a Snapshot, which included a number of neat features – unfortunately, it also included a few bugs that made playing SSP nearly impossible for some. Now, in a move not common with Snapshots, a quick-fix has been released for those having trouble playing Single-Player. There’s also some other goodies inside – most notably, a surprise with the Creative Mode inventory menu (Thanks Dinnerbone!). Get the latest Snapshot downloads below!

Client: Download

Server: Download

Happy Birthday, Minecraft!

Look familiar? It might not for many of you, but anyone who has been around since May of 2009 should find this oddly familiar – this was one of the earliest demos of Minecraft in its infancy! Yes, the game we know and love today wasn’t much to look at back then – grass blocks and cobblestone, and not much else. It’s amazing when you stop to consider – with all the potions, hunger, myriad critters, redstone – just how far the game has come from such humble beginnings. It’s been an amazing process to see unfold over the years, to be sure.

It wasn’t long ago that Minecraft saw 28 million registered users and nearly 6 million purchased copies , and the number just keeps growing. Along with the runaway success of Minecraft – Pocket Edition (over a million sales) and Minecraft – XBOX 360 Edition (over 400,000 in the first 24 hours!), the epic block-builder continues to take the world by storm. Updates continue to pour forth for the PC version, including the highly anticipated Mod API, NPC trading and so much more. Pocket Edition becomes more and more Survival-esque, and MCX360 – while currently similar to Beta 1.6.5 – has exciting changes on the horizon.

From all of us here at the Minecraft Forum, we wish Minecraft a very happy 3rd birthday! Congratulations to everyone at Mojang for producing such an incredible game, and to the entire community – every single one of you – for making this game one of the most incredible games in the world!