MCXBLA Known Bug List

MC (XBLA) Bug List

This is an updated list containing all confirmed and unconfirmed bugs for MCXB360E. This thread allows other users to list bugs they have experienced, offer and view solutions and workarounds, and is also serving as resource of help for 4J Studios in regards to what the game itself needs patched/fixed. If you have experienced issues with your game, then please use this thread to report them. If you see an issue you are having listed in Unconfirmed, you can help by speaking of your own experiences with that specific issue. In response to a 4J staff member, all bugs are number coded. If there are any cases of the numbering being incorrect, please inform me.

Known and Confirmed Bugs / issues

Player Data not saving (SEVERE) [S-01]

Players have experienced issues with all items in their inventory not being saved after saving and leaving the world. Upon return, the world is saved as normal, but the items in inventory are gone. Players also noted that it will spawn them where they originally spawned at the start of the world, and not in the last bed they slept in. The only workaround I know of for now, would be to ALWAYS store your items in a chest before leaving the game if this is affecting you.

Framerate Drops (SEVERE) [S-02]

Some users, including me, seem to be experiencing framerate issues when coming close to the worlds edge in Friends multiplayer games. This issue will not happen when in Single Player, or when Hosting, and will only solve itself once you moved away from the worlds edge, and re-entering the friends game. There is also a worse form of this issue, in which it happens even in Single Player, or when Hosting. There does not appear to be a workaround for those experiencing it. Only solution so far is to leave the game upon moving back into the maps center, and re-enter, as once frame rate issue occours, it seems to continue until leaving the game. Have also had somebody mention they are getting this only when in the Nether.

Game Freezing when saving/Quiting (SEVERE) [S-03]

This is a MUST-FIX issue. Sometimes, when saving and quiting, the game will simply freeze and crash. This can even happen when just using the usual save feature. Upon loading the game up again, all progress made before the last save WILL be lost. This is possibly the most serious game bug at the moment and is needs an urgent patch. This seems to happen the most when choosing the option to exit and save, but can still happen quitting without saving too, or even just saving on it’s own. Remember to save the game regularly and NEVER use the Save and Quit option, since it is especially known to have a high chance of freezing. A Save once every 30mins/Hour is a sensible precaution. The extra time spent saving is worth the possible HOURS of work you may lose if you come victim to this bug. Save normally, and regularly, but do not use the Save and Exit feature for now.

Losing connection to Server, even when Offline (SEVERE) [S-04]

Another severe bug related to losing game progress. It appears some players have been met with the Disconnected from Sever alert, even when playing offline. This will cause all progress since you last saved to be lost. Until fixes come, Saving every 30 minutes/Hour is a sensible precaution to take with these Progress-Lost bugs.

Inventory Freezing when Opened (SEVERE) [S-05]

Game freezes whenever inventory is opened. There has been one workaround solution posted, and to my knowledge this solved the issue. Enter the inventory and press A or B when it freezes. Once freeze occours, unplug controller or remove battery pack. Plug controller back in and you will be out of inventory. Save game, exit, load save.

Certain World No longer Opening (SEVERE) [S-06]

Another severe bug. Some people have experienced world saves no longer opening, possibly because the saves have become corrupted. There are possibilities that some save corruptions have something to do with Cloud Storage, and because of that being a possibility in some cases, i would advise NOBODY uses Cloud Storage right now when it comes to Minecraft Saves. Keep things simple and just stick with the HD. It can’t guarantee it won’t happen, but little else is known about these save corrupts right now. For those who can no longer open their world, the best thing to do right now is just to start a new one.

Achievement / Avatar Awards Not unlocking (SEVERE) [S-07] [U-05]

One possible cause is that the achievement is unlocked by somebody you are splitscreening with. Until this gets a patch, here is a solution one user posted:

You can fix the problem by resetting your Minecraft stats. Here’s how:
1. Put your GamerTag/Profile on a USB/Memory Card.
2. Log in to Xbox Live.
3. Launch Minecraft.
4. At the 4J Studios screen, pull the USB stick.
5. Your xbox will tell you to put the card back in, don’t yet.
6. Pick play Game (you should get an error about not being able to load your profile). continue.
7. Once in the game, put your USB back in the system.
8. Pause and Exit. Will ask you if you want to save — I picked yes, though I doubt this matters.
9. Log back in to LIVE (pulling your USB should have logged you out).
10. Perform the action you need to get an achievement — it should pop.

Aside from Achievements NOT unlocking, there are also players who have unlocked achievements by doing nothing at all.

4JSteve has also given a solution to Avatar Awards/Themes not unlocking:

“If players are not being awarded Avatars or Themes correctly they can go to Help and Options > Then select Reinstall Content (This should appear if content has been awarded).

Stuck in netherworld (SEVERE) [S-08]

Some players have found themselves stuck in the netherworld permanently, with no methods of digging out or any method of being able to commit suicide. Generally, it seems that saving while in the Netherworld is causing this. I would advise nobody saves their game whilst there. Do not leave a friends world while there either. Not until there is a fix at least.

Freezing when trying to return from/enter the Netherworld (SEVERE) [S-09]

There’s a few reports now of players unable to enter a Nether Portal without a game crash. I believe one solution posted was to commit suicide (if stuck inside the nether), and you should be able to go back in and out. Some users have reported they become unable to ever enter/re-enter the netherworld again. If this is the case then you may wish to leave your saved world to the side and begin a new one until a Patch arrives. I’ve seen some recent claims that clearing some space on the Xbox HD fixed this, but no promises on that.

Leaderboard Crashes (SEVERE) [S-10]

Game crashing while viewing the leaderboards is a regular issue. Due to the fact that this can possibly result in hours of progression loss for those unaware of this, I have decided to label this as severe. If you are going to check the leaderboards, always save game beforehand.

Bad Nether Portal Spawn (SEVERE) [S-11]

Players having had bad spawns in the Nether World. Some spawning into nothing but rock. The Worse case examples included being spawned directly into Lava. Due to this most extreme case, possibly making it impossible to ever use the netherworld, I will label this as severe.

Analog sticks not working (SEVERE) [S-13]

Analog sticks not working at all, leaving you unable to play. I believe this is a bug which causes the Sensitivity to be reset to zero, thus rendering the stick useless. Will list as Severe due to the nature of some players possibly having no clue this is what has caused the problem, and may even blame their Controllers / Xbox’s. Those experiencing it, go into the Settings Menu and you can move the Sensitivity settings back up. Help and Options > Settings

Game Freezes During Play (SEVERE) [U-32] [S-14]

Some players have had their games freeze and crash during play, with no cause at all. One user said that it might have happened once when he was building things very fast. Obviously at this point all of the games freezes in general are Must-fixes.

Screenshot Crash (SEVERE) [U-31] [S-15]

Sometimes when trying to post a screen shot the game crashes. Even in Offline mode, sometimes when trying to finish posting the picture to Facebook, after it finished uploading the game crashes and goes back to the menu. As with the other crashes, All save progress is lost when this happens, so again another serious issue with the game freezing / crashing and causing progress to be lost.

Furnace Freezes when checking inventory (SEVERE) [U-35] [S-16]

Some users inventory’s are freezing only when checking furnace.Try the Inventory Freezing Fix @ [S-05]

Chest Save Icon Misleading [A-01]

Some players have been under the impression that when this little box appears, it is saving the game as a whole, not just the stats. I think the game should make things clearer on this one. I have seen many users stress frustration with it, and so it has since been added here.

Mob Spawns when Sleeping [A-02]

This seems to be an issue a large amount of users are experiencing. Mobs spawns in homes when sleeping, even when there should be no reason. Things to try include placing beds away from walls. adding in an unnecessary amount of light source, placing doors so the gap is on the inside and to avoid using double doors.

Nether Portal Jumping [A-03]

Sometimes when jumping through a Nether Portal in a game you are not hosting, you will be stuck in a constant jump, unable to move except from up and down repeatedly. This usually only lasts for a few seconds. Keep trying to walk forward and it will stop. A minor problem.

Leaderboard Stats [A-04] [U-03] [A-27] [U-18]

Have heard many issues now speaking of stats being reset, or not updated. Zombie Pigmen kills are also not being counted, and I believe Ghast kills are not being counted either. But I need to double check Ghasts.

Cake consumes bucket [A-05]

When making a cake, the buckets themselves are also consumed in the process.

No Resource if Tool Breaks [A-06]

Certain materials don’t seem to give their resource if the tool used to destroy it breaks that turn. Not sure if this covers all materials, but have seen players complain it happens for some. Mostly minor, but in the event of a tool breaking while mining a diamond, it could certainly be a little frustrating.

Doors Swing About while trying to break [A-07]

Can be fixed by standing in the right positions and aiming at the doors hinge. Alternatively, breaking the block the door is on provides a quicker solution.

Solid Sugar Canes [A-08]

From what I gather, Sugar Canes are not solid in the PC Version. The Solid Sugar Cane approach may be intended for the 360 version, though.

Awaiting Approval Sign-Posts [A-09]

Signs can’t be left blank. Also seems to be a bug when joining friends games, and seeing sign-posts which only read the dreaded Approval message from your screen. If a sign you have placed reverts to this message, a fix for now is to break sign, and replace it. If you also wish for a sign-post to actually be blank, enter a SPACE before saving the text.

Out of Sync Weather [A-10]

Not sure how many users have experienced this one, but weather being out of sync with play. Had me and friend in exact same area, and his side of game was raining and cloudy, yet mine was completely sunny. Seems to be a very rare issue though, and can be fixed by restarting the game. I have had some new word that this can be caused by one player staying in the netherworld and the other one is in the normal world.

Lava Texture [A-11]

When lava is placed, 4 rows of pixels appear to be weirdly textured when animated compared to the lava on the PC Version. This animation of the lava shows mainly when flowing. Example Video.

Ghast Fireballs [A-12]

Sometimes their fireballs will flash and flicker in a spot. There have also been problems reported with deflecting the fireballs, even when hosting/single player.

Ghast Fireballs / Skeleton Arrows Hitting [A-13]

Could be lag related, but have had word of what seems to be skeletons arrows and Ghast fireballs hitting you, even when a block away still.

Flying Squid[A-14]

Squid are able to fly now if not in water. Spawning at the top of natural waterfalls or any other single block of water seems to be a cause.

Blocks appearing back, even after Mining [A-15]

This may be an issue of Lag..

Mobs immune to damage when in tall grass [A-16]

Mobs seem to be immune to damage when in non-solid blocks. Multiple people have informed me of this.

Enemy attack range is longer and/or your range is shorter [A-17]

It seems a few players are noticing this. Not sure if this is intended.

Blocks near world edge sometimes can’t be mined [A-18]

Save and reload to fix.

Poor Lighting [A-19]

It seems many users have the feeling that the amount of Light that Torches give off right now seem very poor. It also seems in certain caves/areas, that Torches give off no light at all. Not sure if the last one is intended but poor lighting in general seems to be an issue with many players.

Water / lava not Placing [A-20]

Sometimes water / lava will not place on a spot it should, despite repeated attempts. I have experienced it myself, so have many others. It seems to only affect some areas. I have solved the issue sometimes by placing blocks around the area I wanted the water, then setting the water in, and removing them. This solution may not always work, though.

Slow Rendering [A-21]

Sometimes it takes a long period of time for the world to fully render, leaving all kinds of blank spots. Usually seems to be related to lag, but I hear this happens in single player and when hosting too. it not a serious issue, but can be very annoying side while having to wait for an area in a world to fully render.

Lack of Clay [A-22]

Clay is VERY rare right now. This is an issue with the World generation, Clay would require exceptionally silly requisites (X and Z coordinates had to be identical plus a few other bits), This is fixed in 1.7.3.

Lack of Tool Sounds [A-23]

Includes no sounds when picking up Arrows, and tools breaking without a noise.

Floating Snow [A-24]

Issue related to underground lakes spawning near the surface of a world.

Mob Being Hit but taking no Damage [U-20] [A-25] [U-30]

This is a problem with the hit box detections right now, I believe.

Lack of certain resources [A-26]

Sometimes , a generated world will be lacking a resource completely. A world with no cactus plants was one example. I have also had some word from people who believe they have maps where they have no diamond at all.

Creepers spawning in large packs [U-07] [A-28]

Some users have expressed concern with creepers sometimes spawning in groups. I have noticed myself, also. May be intended, though. But I can understand the frustration if a group spawns close to homes and constructions.

Coal powered carts [U-02] [A-29]

I have no experience with Carts, but it seems a few people now have expressed issue that powered carts aren’t quite working the way they are suppose to right now, like in the PC version, and aren’t pushing storage carts.

Unobtainable items [A-30]

Sometimes an item becomes glitched, and is unable to be, or becomes very difficult to pick up. Sometimes placing or removing blocks around/on the item can fix this, but there are times when the item becomes impossible to ever obtain again and must be left.

Paintings being Lost [A-31]

Has happened to me, and I would imagine it’s happened to others to. Was taking painting on and off, trying to get a certain image, then painting dropped and become unobtainable no matter what. I think this issue can be be caused by a painting being placed on and off again quickly, multiple times.

Penned Animals [U-23] [A-32]

Penned animals will not work right now, as they eventually vanish and re-spawn. Somebody also mentioned this is happening to Tamed Wolfs.

Not Starting where you Saved [U-36] [A-33]

User 1: A couple of times I have been exploring caves on my friends server and left the game for a second. When I rejoin the game, I’m above ground and have no idea where the hell I am. I’m assuming I’m on the block I left the game in, just above ground. This has happened to me three or four times. It’s also happened in my singleplayer world once or twice.

User 2: I have noticed this as well. For me, I was above ground when I saved my game and left it and when I reloaded it the next day, I was underground and in a place where I was “trapped”. I had my tools and stuff so i could get out, but i was bothersome and time consuming to say the least.

I believe after seeing other threads and posts, that this is indeed an issue, and players are saving in spots, then when loading appearing somewhere completely different (seems most usually above ground when they saved down in a mine). Players have mentioned it also seems that you spawn on the same block coordinates, just on higher ground.

Becoming stuck in Minecarts [U-40] [A-34]

User: I get “stuck” in the minecart like… constantly…. I can’t even hit the minecart to pop it into a pick-up. Pressing LT 360 degrees around me does nothing. This happens on an incline like \_ with a powered rail. I have worked around this by powering the inclined rail and hitting a button to activate the rail, then punch like mad before the cart gets too far down the track. It’s happened on non-inclined rails, but I can’t really reproduce it as reliably as the example above.” Others have spoke of this, also.

No Warning Before Lava Flows [S-12] [A-35]

A reliable person told me this information, and I trust it to be correct. Although a video would help. When mining underground, if you mine into lava through stone etc.there is a half second delay (time until it starts to flow) before the lava turns orange and emits light. This can be led to death with no warning to give a chance to move, and could result in worse case scenarios such as losing extremely valuable items and equipment. No longer listed as Severe.

Armour not showing when equipped [A-36]

You equip the armour, but it does not show on your character.

Double Doors and Pressure Pads [A-37]

Double Doors will not work with Pressure Pads right now, although somebody said using redstone does allow them to work?

Nether Portal Sound [U-39] [A-38]

When walking through a portal (not teleporting; just walking through) the full sound effect for teleporting between worlds plays.

Crafting [A-39]

Sometimes when crafting, you are told you don’t have the necessary materials even when you do. I think just going out and back into crafting fixes it.

Wooden Slabs [A-40]

Wooden Slabs require a Pickaxe to break fastest. I hear this is fixed now in the PC, so worth noting.

Tamed Wolfs still follow [U-47] [A-41]

Tamed wolves will sometimes teleport to players even when sitting.

Items in Lava [A-42]

Sometimes when Items fall in Lava, instead of melting, they just flicker, and can be picked up again.

Framerate Lagging when holding Full map [U-06] [A-43]

When holding a full map, the framerate may lower. I hear this is a minor drop in the framerate though.

Ghasts Fireballs Build Glitch [U-12] [A-44]

Sometimes If hit by a Gasp Fireball while stacking blocks, game will glitch and leave you unable to build until you re-enter the game. I’ve also heard that when when the Ghasts Fireballs are glitched out, flickering in a spot, you are unable to build on that spot.

Lack of Snow Biomes [U-15] [A-45]

It seems there is a lack of snow biomes within seeds. Sometimes it seems to be a case of either getting a seed that’s one big snow biome, or just a seed that has no show biomes at all.

Looking through walls [U-19] [A-46]

Sometimes when in a tunnel 2 blocks high, if you go third person you can see through the walls, being able to find lava.

Block Death [U-21] [A-47]

Sometimes when under a floor, 2 blocks high, you take damage as if being crushed. One person reported it happens sometimes if sleeping under a 2 block high ceiling, and when waking up you start getting crushed by the roof and can’t move, and I’ve also heard it happened to another user while he was crouching under a 2 block high tunnel. One other user has mentioned it can happen when stepping out of a mine cart under a 2 block high ceiling, resulting in damage but not getting stuck (Though it could still lead to death if you are low on health)

Painting Dupe [U-26] [A-48]

One user wrote: “A minor bug is when you place a painting, remove it and replace it on the wall quickly and it duplicates, but when you try to place the duplicate, it disappears.” Another user said it happened to them as well, now.

Redstone and Pulser circuits [U-42] [A-49]

User: Redstone doesn’t quite line up and pulser circuits (with minecarts or torches) stop working after you move a certain distance away.I made a thread about this. I think the redstone not lining up was a known issue, but I guess there’s a limitation on the Xbox that causes minecarts on powered tracks and redstone pulsers to just stop working if there are no players within a certain distance. These circuits and minecart tracks have to be manually reset (by pushing the cart, hitting a torch/plate/button/etc) to restart. This also happens on game start every time.

Like crops not growing and animals disapearing when moving a certain distance away, I belive this is correct.

Lighting issues [U-45] [A-50]

User:” I have noticed heavy texture glitches in the Lighting of the game… When Dawn and Dusk come around, Trees are still lighted when it’s dark, and vice versa, shadows under trees make harvested blocks/items appear black, and also how random patches in cliffs or crevices are PITCH BLACK WHEN THEY ARE 1 BLOCK WIDE.” Other users have also mentioned this.

Drowning when Air is full [A-51]

Very irritating bug. Sometimes when under water you will begin drowning , even though the air bubbles are not depleted. If you’re deeper than 2 blocks, chances are you die as well. I think it’s sometimes down to lag when in friends games, but other times it just seems like you’ve gone in water, your air bubbles are half down, and you start drowning out of nowhere.

Boats getting stuck [A-52]

This seems a common issue if you use boats regularly. Hit a block and it just gets stuck in it. I think destroying the block it’s stuck in is the best solution to getting it out, but this is something that could really do with a patch to avoid it all together.

Less Mobs appearing around the world [U-44] [A-53]

It’s been said that having too many Tamed Wolfs will cause this, because they add to the mob limit.

Avatar/Gamerpic Award Popups not Pausing the game [U-22] [A-54]

Players losing valuable items due to the award popups not pausing the game, and allowing time for a Mob to kill them while the player is unable to do anything. From what I’ve been told, it doesn’t pause the game ever, not even in offline mode.

Impossible to survive from Drowning [A-55]

If you begin drowning in water 2 blocks deep, it usually becomes impossible to survive because the damage will constantly push you back down. I have decided to finally list this as a bug, as it just doesn’t seem right. If it is intended, this seems too extreme because as it stands, it makes getting out of water impossible once you begin drowning. It also doesn’t always happen either, because sometimes you can swim back to the top and save yourself without being pushed back down.

Unconfirmed Bugs / Issues

Dyes [U-01]

I read some issues about colored wool not being able to be dyed to white, somebody else mentioned that this was intended. I would have to say that it is intended and not a bug.

Friends becoming unable to build while in game [U-04]

Rejoining the Game should fix from what I gathered, but I have had no other info.

Mobs teleport through glass [U-08]

If water is pushing a mob against water, it will teleport back to its original spawn spot.

Seeds not planting properly [U-10]

One report of seeds not planting. Not able to place more than two seeds together.

Sometimes placing an object near a wall can cause it to be stuck inside a wall and flicker [U-13]

Workaround was included as Breaking the object/wall. I Need more info on this.

Invisible Blocks [U-14]

Sometimes blocks that are destroyed will leave an invisible ghost that is only revealed upon placing blocks in the affected area. When it is revealed this way, that block can be destroyed again to solve the issue. I also heard this is also happening on the PC version, but would like more users to give information.

Stair Blocks [U-16]

Sometimes Stair Blocks will change into a regular block, only to quickly change back to stair block again.

Players stuck in game when Leaving [U-17]

I’ve been told once that a character stayed in the last spot they where at after quitting. While stuck like this, they where able to be killed and lost their items. Need to hear more about this.

Buckets of Water/Lava will empty if being stored in chest [U-24]

Friend and I have tested this but buckets of water stored just fine. Maybe it only affects some world/players? More info and a video would help, but other people who have played the game alot have told me it’s never happened to them either.

Skeletons unable to damage Players whilst Jumping [U-25]

Appears to be an issue with Skeletons. A few users now have reported that they are unable to damage players with their arrows if the player is jumping. Some users have said they can damage you when jumping though.

Crafting Issues [U-27]

issues with the crafting, sometimes not being able to craft something you have the right items for, or sometimes unable to craft when another player is using the bench. Multiple attempts eventually solve it. I would like to hear some more information regarding this.

Not spawning in Bed [U-28]

A user had trouble in split-screen mode getting all the players to spawn in the beds they last slept in, sometimes spawning all the way back to the original starting spawn point. Eventually after sleeping in beds multiple times, it fixed itself.

Invisible Mobs [U-29]

Well I have been told that somebody created a world, but all the mobs where invisible. Starting a new world fixed it. This issue is about mobs which cannot be seen, but are still able to attack you. Needs much more information, though.

Crops Not growing [U-33]

Similar to Penned animals disapearing, when moving a far distance away crops do not continue a grow cycle. One user says it’s because they are not in rendering distance, and may be because of Xbox limitations.

Lava Bucket in Furnace [U-34]

When you use a lava bucket in a furnace to smelt items, the bucket is consumed after all the “fuel” is empty. From what I know now, this is actually intended.

Skeletons Shoot Through Leaves [U-37]

Skeletons arrows shooting through leaves. This may be intended if true, though.

Skeletons Arrows Deal Damage Twice [U-38]

One skeleton arrow hits you, but you take damage as if being hit twice. Could be a lag issue in friends games?

Lava Bucket vanishes in Furnace [U-41]

I believe the Lava bucket is meant to be gone after Lava is finished in the Furnace. That’s what the feedback has suggested, anyway.

Gold Ore can be Mined with Stone Pickaxe [U-43]

Someone complained that they could mine the gold ore with a stone pickaxe, but I believe Gold ore must be mined with Iron Axe or higher to actually obtain the gold, so no bug there.
TNT issues [U-46]
User: Here’s a picture from the Redstone Guide from the forums: http://img811.images…sactivation.jpg . That doesn’t work for me – I have to dig out the block below the TNT for the redstone wire to ignite it. I was on top of stone when I tried – not sure if that matters. I tried the same experiment with a pressure plate right next to TNT and it worked fine with the TNT being next to the plate and it also worked with the TNT being one tile down from the plate.

Note Blocks Not Playing [U-47]

When splitscreening, the Note blocks don’t make sound unless the host is within a certain range of the Note Blocks. Same happens with Discs being played.

Not being able to get out of Flowing Water [U-48]

User: I haven’t seen anything on this and it happened to me last night. I was building a base to a pirate ship and noticed I was building to close to the land to make it as big as I wanted so I jumped in the water and started removing the wood blocks that I placed the water was two blocks deep and when I removed the block the water began to flow into the gap as it should. Now the problem was I could not exit this area of water so I kept taking blocks out infront of me and the same thing kept happening I also could not place a block beneth me and or around me, luckily there was a cobble block I had placed earlier that I was able to place another block on till finally I got out. Now had that block not been there I would have been stuck in the water and would have had to drown myself to get out.

Creepers spawning in Homes [U-49]

Anyone else had it?

Dying in Coal Cart for no reason [U-50]

Dying while riding a coal cart, with no cause at all.

Game won’t save [U-51]

You save the game, but it doesn’t save.

Arrows Damaging you [U-52]

Firing arrows too fast at Mobs can cause them to bounce off and damage the player.

Stais and Soul Sand [U-53]

User: “You cannot walk up cobblestone stairs properly when walking on ‘Soul Sand’…You need to jump onto the first step and then you can start going up.I have yet to try wooden stairs, however I feel there would be the same effect…”


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