TooManyItems Mod

Score : 9.5 out of 10

TooManyItems brings the easy of getting any item in-game within seconds. Back in the day, the most popular inventory editor, invEdit, was a majority. Now TooManyItems (TMI) is paving the way as the inventory editor for Minecraft players alike. TooManyItems is an easy and effective way, not to mention easy-to-install, modification by Minecraft modder Marglyph.

TooManyItems Mod (Click to Download)


Auto Torch Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Video Demo

This handy little mod by yourleader16 will do one simple thing. It will automatically place a torch if both of the following are true: 1. It is a dark room 2. You have torches in your inventory. Very handy! There is an option to turn this off and on and also to set the tolerance of how dark it has to be. Simple but a very nice addition that anyone should try out!

Auto Torch Mod (Click to Download)


BetterWheat Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

I have always been fascinated with the concept of growing and farming crops. Although, I always wished that there was something extra you could grow, create, or craft. I mean, melons and pumpkins are fine, but I wanted something different, something more you can do with the crops you grow. Well, with Fearitude’s Better-wheat mod, my wishes came true.

With this mod you are able to grow a new crop called “grain”. From here, grain can be used to craft “flour”, Although unnecessary  as you can craft either “wholegrain bread“, or “white-bread“. Graincan be created by using a single wheat. Grain can be planted and grown like normal crops, but can be used to create different materials and food products. The BetterWheat mod also introduces “straw“, which can be used to create a new block called “straw-bale” which is perfect for creating barns or stables.

BetterWheat Mod (Click to Download)


XP Books Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

Another interesting item for you all! It’s the craftable book that can be used to store your XP! The XP Books mod is the mod you need in order to get your Lecterns mod useful. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a simple mod that basically enables you to store half of the XP you have at the moment of crafting for later use. As you craft the book, your XP will automatically decrease and be stored in the XP book you have created.

This is the recipe of the XP book.

Posted Image

When you want to regain the XP stored in the book, eat it like how you will eat food. The book will be consumed and you XP that was stored will be regained.

Caution: Do not hold down shift when crafting, because you will only create empty books and your XP will be lost!

XP Books Mod (Click to Download)




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