2 Million Sold, and Counting

That’s right, Mojang and 4J Studios’ Xbox 360 edition of indie hit Minecraft recently sold more than two million units worldwide on XBLA! MCX360 sells for 1600 MS Points, or $20 – Notch tweeted the day after launch that the game had become profitable (saw more money gained in sales than spent in creating it) within the first full day of sales, a figure that continues to climb exponentially.

Microsoft Studios, while initially non-specific about the sales numbers after launch day, confirmed that MCX360 broke all previous sales records on Live Arcade, beating out the previous fastest-selling game on the platform, Trials Evolution, which sold over 100,000 copies in a day, by over four times the numbers.

As popular as MCX360 has become, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that many people have been requesting bug fixes and updates to the console ported sandbox blockbuster. Fortunately, according to 4J Studios’ 4JSteve, fixes are on the way in approximately 3 weeks.

Minecraft XBLA


Bastion Server (MMORPG Roleplay)

Hello, welcome to Bastion! We are a new server but growing quickly and will soon be equipped with an arena which will hold various events. We hope to create a mature server for people of all backgrounds to come a play.


Server IP:



Admins: King, Queen, Duke.

Moderators: Captains, Knight.

Members: Peasant, Resident, Guard.

Special (Donators): Customizable


[1] No cheating, hacking or glitching

[2] No clients that give you an unfair advantage

[3] No griefing – If its not yours, leave it alone.

[4] No killing other players animals

[5] No racism, hate speach or flaming

[6] No pointless arguing with Admins or Moderators

[7] Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse

[8] You are responsible for your own account

[9] Act Mature – idiots will not be tolerated






Previous Bans (explain):

How long have you been playing:

Why you want to join:


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Posted Image

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Weekly News!

This week, David & Toby give an in-depth look to this week’s Snapshot, which is chock full of goodies! Elaborate world-generated structures, new redstone devices and more await – take a look!

Going Green

Now, I know it’s two months late, but in the spirit of environmental awareness month I decided to go completely green, only using renewable resources to build and go exploring. What resources can I use? And what kind of mods (including Forestry) allow me to expand my renewable resources industry? So far I have either […]

Notch Turns 33 Years Old

Anyone who logged into Minecraft today undoubtedly saw a message that even the man who programmed it had forgotten about – today is Markus “Notch” Persson’s 33rd birthday! While he’s celebrating with a night on the town, a number of people have their own celebration plans in store. Plans like…

Notch Drawing Contest!
Posted Image

Samcube is hosting his own Notch-themed drawing contest, and you are invited to participate! How does it work? It’s easy!

  • Using paper, computer or Minecraft itself you have to make a portrait on Notch. Be creative! Recreate the God of Minecraft in your best style!
  • Upload the piece of art or screenshot into one of the free image hoster you want, such as imgur.
  • Write a comment below and paste a link to you amazing-epic image
  • Make a Tweet using the hash #FreeAvatarContest2.

Winners will be picked, and prizes will be given! Winning artists will have a Minecraft character of their choice drawn for them by Samcube himself – both a physical print and a layered .tif file (for the win)! You can click the banner above for details, or this link – check it out!

How to make a Minecraft server on a Mac

apple logo
There are two ways to make a server on a mac. First, download minecraft_server.jar(the link goes to the download page). Then, make a new folder titled something along the lines of “minecraft server”,”Minecraft_Server”,etc. After that, you can do one of both things. You can run the minecraft_server.jar using archive utility or some other jar launcher. There will be many errors/warnings, just ignore those. Your server will be ready for personal use at this point. Keep the Minecraft_sever.jar running, otherwise you can’t get on the server. To use it on the computer you are running the server on, go to minecraft, multiplayer, direct connect or add server, and for the ip type “LocalHost” without the quotations and call it whatever you want. That should work just fine. If not, post a comment and I’ll see if I can help. The other way to do it is to open textedit or your favorite textediting program (Textwrangler is a good one) and in textedit, go to Format>Make Plain Text. Then type


cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui”
 or “#!/bin/bash
cd “$(dirname “$0″)”
exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar minecraft_server.jar”
Without the quotations. save it as “start.command” without the quotations. I use the nogui to keep it going faster, and you can change the amount of ram by editing the spot where it says 1G to however much ram space you want it to have. Once you save that, open terminal and type “chmod a+x ” without the quotes. DO NOT FORGET THE LITTLE SPACE IN THERE!!!!! It is not “chmod a+x” it is “chmod a+x “. Anyways, once you get that done drag start.command into terminal and press enter. That gives permission to run start.command. Now that you have finished that, just double-click start.command to run your server. It will do the same as just running the minecraft_server.jar, but it can save space and make the server less laggy (I think). Now that you have made your server, you want other people on, right? If you don’t, the rest of this is irrelevant to you. If you only want people that are connected to the same router as you to join, just go to www.whatismyip.com/ and enter that in as the ip. That will only work if they are connected to the same router as you, so basically if it is in your house, it is using your router. If you want only your friends on your server only tell your friends your ip. you will need to port forward your server to let your friends on, or anyone on, so as soon as I figure out how to do that, I will make a new post on how to port forward.

Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!

This week’s Snapshot has a massive number of features! In addition to trading updates, enchantment improvements and SSP/SMP merging improvements, Adventure Map makers will be thrilled to know that there is a new game mode – “Adventure Mode” – to be tested! This mode prevents players from breaking blocks, while still allowing interactions like button/lever use, trading with villagers, and so on. The full feature list is below!

Client Download: Download

Server Download: Download

New/Improved Features:

  • Trading with villagers has been updated
  • Villagers can now trade 2 items with you (e.g. 1 emerald 10 gravel -> 10 flint)
  • Enchantment system has been re-balanced
  • A full enchantment table set with bookshelves doesn’t go up to 50, but 30
  • At the bottom of the 3 enchantments it always shows you the highest number possible
  • Using level 30 you have a lot more luck; almost all items get at least 2 enchantments
  • Emerald Ore can be found underground again (only in Extreme Mountain Biomes still)
  • Added Tripwire Hooks
  • Added potions to the creative inventory; found under brewing
  • Added Block of Emerald
  • Added delete item, armor and crafting to survival inventory when in creative
  • Pausing should work in single-player now
  • Some minor terrain changes
  • Added an “adventure” game mode (/gamemode 2)
    – You cannot break or place any blocks
    – You can interact with any blocks like doors and levers and you can buy things from villagers
  • Added cobblestone and stonebrick monster eggs to the creative inventory

Bug Fixes:

  • In the redstone tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch is now on instead of being off
  • In the decoration tab of the creative inventory, the redstone torch got removed

New Bugs:

  • You can place wire from the tripwire in the air and once updated it will drop string
  • You can’t hear TNT when you are out of an 16 block range.

Jeb Said:

The snapshots can potentially destroy your save games, even though we try our best not to do that. Only use them if you know what you are doing. To “install” a snapshot, you download the JAR file and replace the one located in your “application data” folder. The easiest way to find that folder is to start the game, select “texture packs” and click on the “open texture pack folder” button. It will locate “.minecraft/texturepacks”, and the JAR file should be placed in “.minecraft/bin”.

To UNINSTALL the snapshot, start the launcher (Minecraft.exe on Windows) and click the “options” button. Then click on “force update” and login as usual. The launcher will then download the official JAR file for you. Note that save games created in the snapshot may not work (and probably doesn’t) in the official version of the game.